Saturday, July 28, 2007

Senators vs Islanders


The Aesthetics
I've been beating it like a drum for weeks, but I don't think wordmarks belong in logos. At least not crests. The logo should serve as a symbol for the team and be so recognizable as to not require the accompaniment of a written out name. Also the hockey stick and puck don't help very much.

The Nickname
Senators and Islanders? Hand-to-hand combat, my money's on the Islanders.

The Analysis
We'll keep this short. I like the outline of Long Island in the background of the Islanders logo and yearn for some reference to Ottawa in the Senators logo. We can't have everything. Incidentally, if there's something I'm missing in the Sens logo, feel free to comment about it.




Anonymous said...

the sens logo actually forms a subtle 'O' in the form of the shield and the red represents the red on the canadian flag, linking to the peace tower in ottawa, the parliament of canada.

Chris said...

Interesting. I figured the read had to do with the Canadian flag yet for some reason managed to overlook the "O" that's rather obvious.

I really need to let you guys do the deciding on these logos. Matter of fact, stick around for an announcement tonight about just that. Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Senators would win in a battle with islanders, because governments never do their own dirty work, they'd have their soldiers come in, and blow the Islanders away.

Chris said...

Ha! Good point. Let's get some Mounties on it! (Kidding.) Thanks for reading!

Staff said...

if you want to stretch it, there is a big red "C" for Canada in the ottawa logo.

but it's a stretch.

Chris said...

I'm willing to stretch. Count it!