Thursday, July 12, 2007

Sabres vs Penguins


The Aesthetics
As far as looks, the Sabres have one of the sharpest logos in sports despite its absolute irrelevance. It's got strong colors and really jumps out at you. The Penguins logo sort of blends in and gets bogged down in minute details. The '90s logo was much better. I do, however, like the gold more than the yellow.

The Nickname
A Penguin is a little flightless bird. A Sabre is a rather sharp instrument used for cutting. You do the math.

The Analysis
This is where the Sabres have yet to notch a point in the standings and the reason they can't seem to pull off a sweep. It's not a Sabre! As a young Florida kid just learning about hockey, I swear I remember thinking a sabre was a kind of bison. And it was thanks to the damn logo. I'm not a Sabres fan (though I know they hate the logo), but I think it needs to be changed. John Slabyk is an excellent artist. The Penguins logo, however, actually has a penguin in it. He's carrying a hockey stick which doesn't impress me, but nonetheless, we'll take it.




Anonymous said...

There is NO WAY the Buffaslug should beat the Penguin. Ugh.

Chris said...

I'm sorry! I told you guys I'm a bad judge of this stuff. Come back and vote when I make the blog interactive. You can vote the Penguin over the Buffaslug — as it should be. Thanks for visiting and commenting!