Saturday, July 7, 2007

Lightning vs Flyers


The Aesthetics
You would think the fact that the entire team name being spelled out would automatically lose this point for the Lightning. But that's not quite the case. The Lightning logo makes much better use of color in that there's more of it. Despite wearing black home jerseys, the only black in the logo is the drop shadow on the bolt. The Flyers logo is almost all black but for the orange circle in the middle.

The Nickname
No bird can Fly through a Lightning storm. It would get zapped!

The Analysis
Neither logo makes a representation of its home city. The Lightning wear a shoulder patch with the outline of the state of Florida behind the bolt, but that logo's not in this competition. This one spells out the whole name and therefore defeats the purpose of what a symbol should be. The Flyers, however, does that very well. It's a "P" for Philly with a wing attached. (I guess the "P" flies.)



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Robert said...

What a joke. The team's nickname has nothing to do with the actual design and aesthetics of the logo. A nickname may determine what the logo is, but not how good it is. That shouldn't have even been a factor in this stupid tournament.

And a "Flyer" is not a bird. In 41 years, the team has never done anything to imply otherwise.

But I don't think I need to point out that the absurd outcome of this matchup is the result of someone's team bias. The fact that the Flyers' logo is dominating the Lightning in the current poll says it all.