Monday, July 2, 2007

Canadiens vs Hurricanes


The Aesthetics
We're looking at a couple of very strong logos here, based on their records. It's hard to determine which is the more aesthetically pleasing of the two. I'm going with the Hurricanes with their more contemporary look. I think the Canadiens could stand to liven things up a bit.

The Nickname
A Canadien wouldn't know his way around a Hurricane and would almost surely drown or be blown away.

The Analysis
Both team names are appropriate enough that an element symbolizing the home city is not entirely necessary. As for the logos themselves, I'm a fan of subtlety and the Hurricanes logo has a puck while the Canadiens logo has an "H" which I've been told stands for "hockey." This is also a difficult decision but the Hurricanes is an undeniably great logo that may just be one of those classics.




Bob said...

The H in the Canadiens symbol stands for les habitents, which is basically the french word for natives. It was put in to help french-canadians connect with the team back in its beginning stages.

Chris said...

I know it and I think that's really cool! I was waiting for someone to post that little factoid. In the meantime, I liked the idea of it being a mystery to everyone who didn't know.

Thanks for the comment!

Anonymous said...

Are you sure? From what I've read, it actually stands for "hockey" in Club de hockey Canadien.


Anonymous said...

It stands for hockey, like in the teams official name on the cup, "Club de Hockey Canadien"