Friday, June 22, 2007

No New EDGE Jerseys At The Draft

The Chicago Blackhawks just took Patrick Kane as the first overall pick of the 2007 NHL Entry Draft. The jersey they gave him was the standard jersey and not the new Rbk EDGE jersey. So perhaps we can expect more of the same from the rest of the league tonight. I'll be sure to keep you in the loop if you aren't watching on Versus right now.

UPDATE (7:41 PM): We've had three picks so far and everybody's handing out the "old" jerseys. It's like the all-star game all over again when we all were hoping to see the new uniforms then. Looks like we'll have to wait indefinitely this summer for each team to announce as they feel like it. By the way, the old Caps logo is still on the draft board. We'll see if they give their pick (#5) the newly unveiled jersey.

UPDATE (7:50 PM): The Capitals had their new jersey on hand to give to Karl Alzner as the fifth pick.

UPDATE (8:46 PM): We're nearly halfway through the first round of the draft and only the three teams that have previously unveiled their new Rbk EDGE uniforms have doled them out to their newest players tonight. Doesn't seem like anyone will be unveiling here tonight. For the record, those three teams are the Capitals, Bruins and Blue Jackets.

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