Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Islanders vs Thrashers


The Aesthetics
I've never been the biggest fan of words or hockey sticks especially in hockey logos. It's a little too on-the-nose if you ask me. The Islanders have both and for that reason they should lose the point. But then this logo is supposed to be traditional right? They've used it for a few decades now (minus those couple of years with the Gordon's fisherman). Still, the Thrashers logo is visually interesting and makes great use of color.

The Nickname
If a Thrasher was flying over an Islander, the bird would surely poop on his head. I know, effort.

The Analysis
It stood the test of time even when a mid-'90s mistake couldn't. The Islanders logo may only be 35 years old, but to many hockey fans, it's been around forever. But that doesn't automatically win you a point in this competition. You need to really show something. In this case, the Islanders logo shows a sense of where it's from with the map of Long Island featured. The Atlanta Thrasher? Maybe. But I'm not getting a feel for the city.



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