Sunday, June 10, 2007

HF&P, Part 28: Ottawa Senators II

Today we're revisiting a couple of Canadian teams as part of the "Hockey Fans & Photoshop" series. We last saw the Ottawa Senators back early on in Part 6. Well we've got more where that came from. Right now.

The Sens may not have won the Stanley Cup but I think they would be coolest jerseys in all of hockey if they nailed these suckers down. Tell me that sweater doesn't frighten you. One of my favorite parts of this design is the use of the logo's helmet element along the shoulders and arms. These would be seriously classy jerseys. Unfortunately, this design is the work of a fan and therefore it's not likely we'll ever see it on NHL ice.

The graphics you see here to the left come from the same designer, obviously. With the red, we see what can be done in the alternative of a black home jersey — though I rather like the black in this case. And below is the horror from the '20s or something. I am not amused. Seriously, I hate that design. A lot. I'm all for throwbacks but horizontal stripes going the length of the jersey don't do it for me. I'm sorry.

In any case, that's what we've got for Ottawa today. I honestly hope you enjoyed it. Or if you didn't, whatever. Feel free to comment with your thoughts on these designs. Disclaimer: Again, I am NOT the designer. All I've done is scour the web for these images so as to bring them all to one place for fans like you and me.

Later today: the Montreal Canadiens — again.

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