Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Tournament FAQs

You asked. We're answering. Well, you didn't ask and it's just me here. But I'm nipping this in the bud. Should you have any questions beyond what I'm covering here, feel free to drop a line under the comments area and I'll get back with you.

I'll try to keep this short. Let's get to it.


If a team has only losses, how can it have points in the standings?
The tournament standings don't work like the NHL standings. Teams get points based on the scores of each match. A team can lose 2-1 and still get a point in the standings. (The winner would get 2.)


Why don't you have a post with the full tournament schedule?
Too much work and I'm lazy like that. Individual team schedules allow you to follow your favorite teams. If you want to know every team that's playing on a given day, then come visit the blog on that day and find out.

Why does my team sometimes go for weeks without a match while other teams have matches for days in a row?
I used Microsoft Excel to come up with a completely random schedule. But this speaks to my laziness as well in that I didn't know how/care to try to even things out. What you have is a manageable schedule of three to four matches a day. With 30 teams, that means you have 14 matches over the course of 60 days. We were bound to have lots of spaced out matches. Try to deal.

Offseason Logo Changes

What happens if a team announces a new logo during the tournament?
It's simple, really. When a new logo is unveiled, it goes into effect the following day in the tournament. (I have to have time to make the graphics.) My plan is to have each day's matches posted in the morning and any announcement would likely come in the afternoon. (Ex.: The Washington Capitals are unveiling a new logo on June 22. If they had a match scheduled for June 22, it would be played with the old logo. The new logo would take effect on June 23, the day they actually have a match.) Follow that?

This post will continue to be updated with new questions for as long as I feel like updating it so keep checking back and be sure to ask a question if you've got one.


LIUhockey18 said...

Hey I don't know if you have seen this yet or not, but the Carolina Hurricanes have already released their new uniforms. It was released on Draft Day through EA Sports' NHL08 because Eric Staal is on the cover of the game.

Z3R0SYST3MX said...

I don't think your matches’ standings are accurate. I've found a lot of discrepancies per team and am baffled to see the NW stacked with 3 clubs with very high records.

Founder of this page. said...

z3r0syst3mx cannot do math.

Chris said...

What exactly is amiss? I've tried to keep a pretty close watch over that stuff. And hey, you can't blame me for a good group in the Northwest. Well, I suppose you can, actually. Anyhow, who is calling himself "founder of this page."? Very interesting...

Z3R0SYST3MX said...

Founder, alright I cannot do math but at least I'm no hypocrite. You're not even the "Founder" of this blog!!!!

jondp_83 said...

Is it A) possible and B)legal (relatively speaking) to vote multiple times per match-up?