Saturday, May 19, 2007

HF&P, Part 5: Montreal Canadiens

The "Hockey Fans & Photoshop" series continues with Les Habitants. Le Tricolore. Le Bleu-Blanc-Rouge. The Habs.

When it was announced that the new uniform changes would be league-wide, ultra-traditionalists freaked. They went crazy talking about how the horizontal stripes would have to go and that was the worst thing that could ever happen. Personally I think global starvation is the worst thing that could happen, but whatever.

This design tries to show that horizontral stripes can work on the new uniforms. Well, this is a bad example. Don't cut the stripes off in midstream guys, seriously. Anyway, this design also assumes the front-shoulder numbers will be adopted league-wide though there is not yet evidence to prove that theory.

All in all, I would say it's not that bad. It's better than the graphic you see here to the right. This isn't that much different, but it shows how too much stripage can hurt rather than help. We don't like that.

Once again before I go I want to acknowledge the work of the designers behind these renderings. Again, it's not my work, I'm just re-posting what I've come across. If any of the designers would like to get in touch, drop a line via the comments. I'd love you hear from you regarding your work.

Coming tomorrow: the Ottawa Senators.

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