Monday, April 19, 2010

NHL Third Jersey Logo Tourney

It's going on right now at Icethetics! Plus the NHLToL Playoffs are in high gear! Who's going to be named the champion?

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Is anyone still reading this? Well, obviously you are. You should know there's an entirely new NHL Tournament of Logos going down on Icethetics right now.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Back in Business!

Icethetics is back in business! It's the summertime and once again, things are heating up.

We've got possible leaked third jersey information. We've got new logo tournaments coming up in a brand new format. But most of all, the blog is being updated on a regular basis, and I know we're all excited about that. So if you still have a craving for a real discussion about hockey logos and jerseys, you know where to go.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008


It's here!

Point your browser to now!

It's a little bare-bones right now, but in time it'll be just as great as NHLToL with even more content. The first artwork post will go up tomorrow and it'll be the fourth installment of Wallpaper Wednesday. I take that back. I have new artwork from Matt (aka GhettoFarmBoy)! —5:03 PM So use today to get your bookmarks updated. I've got a lot of work ahead of me!

Monday, June 30, 2008

About The Launch

I've been pretty bogged down the last few days but I wanted to make note of a few things surrounding tomorrow's launch of ICETHETICS.

First, don't expect to see some glorious transformation to this blog at the stroke of midnight or anything like that. The launch will take place at some point tomorrow afternoon. At that point I'll post a link to the new blog. So be prepared to update your bookmarks and favorites as well as any RSS feeds.

That's right, ICETHETICS will have a new URL. And like I said before, NHLToL isn't going to be deleted or moved, it will stay here and just no longer be updated. It'll serve as an archive for everything we've done here in the past year — all the concept art, logo tournaments... all that.

Everything we do from now on will be posted on the new blog — ICETHETICS.

Again, I don't have an exact time for the launch, just know that at some point in the afternoon/evening when I have things ready to go, I'll post a link here with the new URL and start getting folks moved to the new site.

If you guys have questions, feel free to ask either by comment or direct email. I'll try to answer what I can in the morning. (By the way, before you ask, the first post at ICETHETICS will be the announcement of the new tournament.)

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Red Wings Alternate Logo Art

I've got Detroit Red Wings concept logos tonight. The first comes from an artist I like who's come up with new marks for the Devils, Predators, Senators, Flyers and last week, the Coyotes.

It's a great piece of artwork, I'm just not entirely sure it's worth considering as a replacement for the Stanley Cup champs' current symbol. That aside, he's got a pretty nice secondary as well.

The last logo I have to share with you is from a different designer. Have a look.

Two more days until ICETHETICS launches. Get excited!

ToHL Up And Running Again

After a brief period of a down time, ToHL is up and running again with the latest poll in the QMJHL Tournament of Logos. GO VOTE!

And in case you're wondering, the final poll of the tournament will take place at ICETHETICS (which launches July 1). Then the CHL Tournament of Champions — which will feature the winner from each of the three CHL leagues — will take place there as well. I'll also be introducing a brand new tournament to begin after that is complete. It's something I've been talking about for quite some time.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Colorado Concept Logos

Recently I noticed in the comments of various posts, some of you pointing out that among others, the Avalanche may indeed have the perfect logo. That is, there's no way to improve upon it. Some even went so far as to challenge anyone to make one that's better. And a few people responded.

This is the best of what I received but even it doesn't come close to the Avs' current logo. A valiant effort to be sure, but certainly no replacement.

There were a couple of others, not as great, but worth a look.

And then this one which borrows a major element of the actual Colorado logo.

That does it for tonight. I'll have a look at some Detroit Red Wings concept logos tomorrow.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Just To Freak You Out XXXVIII

The absurdity continues here in my little corner of the world. First thing's first. We all have to be able to laugh at ourselves every now and then and god knows I make a habit of it. But this whole "rebranding" thing — it's a little weird, right? I mean it takes a special kind of person to keep an entire blog dedicated to the redesigning of NHL logos by various artistically inclined hockey fans.

I got a graphic emailed in this week that really made me laugh and I have to lead off with it.

Let the petty sniping begin (we all know that's what the comments are for anyway). I think it's absolutely hilarious. And when it comes to well-designed artwork, I get inspired regardless of whether I think a team should actually wear it in real life. That's what art is for anyway, isn't it?

But this post is about freaking you out, so you won't find any detailed and well-thought-out designs here. Instead, imagine the Quebec Nordiques going out west to become the Denver Dekes.

I don't have the words for it. Nor this.

I need a prescription for a drug that will allow me to fly. What's that? You say they don't make one? Hmm...

Forgive the poor quality of the jerseys in the next image, but these are worth looking at.

Be sure not to miss the purple and orange Flyers jerseys.

And lastly, an article on Yahoo! was pointed out to me today. The writer talks about the horror that was the Mighty Ducks third jersey back in the mid-'90s. (You guys should know, you voted it worst third jersey logo EVER!)

Anyway, that got me thinking. A while back I got these logos from a reader. He took the duck bursting through the ice and painted a different team's logo and jersey onto it — and then did it again for every team in the NHL! It's an absolute riot and this is the perfect time to start posting them.

As you can see I started with the Pacific Division so that I could show you the crazy duck with the new Ducks logo and colors on it. Just wait until you see the rest of the league. I'll post a new division in each Freak Out Friday post until we get through all six.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Wallpaper Wednesday III

It's Wednesday and that means I have wallpapers for you. You guys have been sending in some great stuff, so pick something new to grace your desktop this week.

First, Roberto Luongo's mask won the NHL Tournament of Goalie Masks so one reader designed a wallpaper with that in mind along with the blog's new name.

Plus, for all you Canucks fans, a couple of logo wallpaper options here.

And our friend SnyperP who's been fulfilling some requests has these to share.

That Islanders background is nice, but so are the Leafs and Sharks.

And finally, for Ducks fans, I've got a couple of excellent wallpapers to share.

Giguere looks great (from LightItUp4126 at, but I like the color scheme here for Schneider (from Dark Knight at

So if I were a Ducks fan, it'd be a toss-up as to which one I went with. Hope you guys enjoyed those. I'll have more next week. And if you've designed any you'd like to share, email them to me at